A better way to convey the meaning of a word.

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One part of communication might be analyzed as follows.
theory diagram
  1. A person has a thought in their mind and wishes to duplicate that thought in another's mind.
  2. The "sender" directs words (symbols) to the "receiver".
  3. The "receiver" gets these words.
  4. And then interprets the words and duplicates the thought.
But language is not perfect and duplication varies depending on level of agreement on the meaning of the words.


  1. The "sender" may use definitions to help choose the best words... words most likely to give good duplication of the thought.
  2. The "receiver" may use definitions to help understand the intended meaning based on how people often use words.
These are almost... but not quite... the same.
  • The "sender" may want to use "good language"... language that the "receiver" will duplicate well.
  • But the "receiver" needs to know how people actually use the words, not how they "should" use them.

Our Present Orientation

This project emphasizes how people actually use words, rather than how they "should" use them.

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