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 History of this Word

"set" is from "settan", (to place), spoken by people in England during 450-1100 A.D.

"screw" is from "escroue" (hole that a screw turns in), spoken in France during 1000-1400 A.D.
which was from "scrofa" (sow, threads of a screw look like the curl of a sow's tail), spoken by ancient people in central Italy around 700 B.C.

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grammar is noun

thread is a part of "set screw"

"set screw" is a type of screw


set screw illustration set screw illustration A screw with a bearing point on one end, with or without a head on the other end. Can hold something in place when tightened against a mated surface. Manufactured of hardened metal. The bearing point can have various designs such as cone, oval, flat or cup. Can have various head types.

Examples of how the word is used

set screw illustration Loosen, but DO NOT REMOVE the set screw.
set screw illustration I loosened the set screw available at the dial end, and moved the hand to 6:00 o'clock, then tightened the set screw.