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 History of this Word

"oval" is from "ovalis", spoken by people in central Italy after 1500 A.D.
which is from "ovum" (egg), spoken by ancient people in central Italy around 700 B.C.

"head" is from "headfod", spoken by people in England during 450-1100 A.D.

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grammar is noun

"oval head" is a type of head


oval head illustration Head for a screw or bolt with rounded top surface and conical lower surface. Holds screw or bolt to surface of an object. Designed into the screw or bolt with various sizes and drive types.

Examples of how the word is used

oval head illustration Back out (do not remove) the oval head set screw.
oval head illustration Round and pan head fasteners are generally used where the screw head will stand proud, while flat and oval head screws are usually countersunk to set flush with the surface.