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"modify" is from "modifier" (to change), spoken in France during 1000-1400 A.D.
which was from "modificare" (to control), spoken by ancient people in central Italy around 700 B.C.


The word "ball" means a spherical object. But "green ball" limits the meaning to only sperical objects that are green.

These are modifiers that limit meaning.

modifier illustration

He looked up. ("up" limits meaning of "looked")

modifier illustration

Their students are bright. ("their" limits meaning of "students")

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grammar is noun

adjective, adverb, article are types of "modifier"

"modifier" is a type of part of speech

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Word or phrase that limits meaning. Changes the meaning of another word(s). Created to expand communication. Can be combined with other modifiers to create a large number of slightly different meanings.

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In the following sentences, underline all modifiers.
Modifiers are like teenagers: they fall in love with whatever they're next to.