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 History of this Word

"idiom" is from "idioma" (property, peculiarity") spoken by people of Greece starting about 1000 B.C.


Here are examples of idioms

  • kick the bucket: to die
  • all at once: suddenly
  • at all: in no way
  • from time to time: occasionally

  • Definition

    A "figure of speech" that can not be understood from the usual meanings of its constituent words. Often coined by people to express themselves in a more "poetic" manner. Communicates well for people of a particular culture. Can often be changed slightly without confusing the meaning.

    Examples of how the word is used

    idiom illustration There's one idiom that's confusing me.
    idiom illustration I need an idiom which evokes the meaning of a person who works hard and is very serious, yet remains unpretentious and modest.