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 History of this Word

"appose" is from "aposer" (to set beside), spoken in France during 1250-1500 A.D.
which is from "apponere" (ad-, near + ponere, to put), spoken by ancient people in central Italy around 700 B.C.


These are appositives:

Mr. Smith, the chairman, is speaking now.

Joe, the one in the lead, will probably win the race.

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grammar is noun

"appositive" is a part of grammar


A word or phrase that clarifies the previous word or phrase and expands meaning. Created to make a statement more clear. Can be setoff with commas, dashes or parentheses.

Examples of how the word is used

appositive illustration Recognize an appositive when you see one.
appositive illustration Appositives can also rename nouns phrases which aren't the subject: We waited in our favorite meeting place, the pub.