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 History of this Word

"age" is from "aticum" (belonging to) spoken by ancient people in central Italy around 700 B.C.


In this sense, this is a word added to the end of another word to make a new word. The initial word may change slightly so the resulting word will sound better with the added ending.

Words related to this meaning

grammar is modifier

"-age" is a type of suffix


A word ending used to form nouns that show condition, function, relation, or action. Can also be used to form verbs. Created by people to expand meaning of words. Can be added to the end of many words.

Examples of how the word is used

-age illustration Those harvested in the fall are put in storage, with a minimum of loss to shrinkage or decay..
-age illustration An engineer set out to find the wreck and salvage its treasure from the ocean floor.